Healthy lifestyle: Instagram mode

This is a matter of what I just notice recently (which I refuse to notice at all).

Almost everyone online has at least an instagram account, right? Has anyone notice that there are a lot of photos of men and women flexing their arms, legs, glutes and stomach on instagram? Ok, before I proceed, everyone knows that instagram is a photo sharing application on iOS and Android smartphones. Instagram lets you post your photos and let everyone (or for the matter, the “instagrammers”) see.

Anyway, I just noticed that a lot of photos being uploaded are either women  and men who are flaunting their butts or flexing their huge biceps or foods that looks like baby food with some nuts or similar to a bird’s feed. Ok, before anyone reacts, please be informed that this is how I describe it and I do not intend to either accuse anyone about something or insult anyone. So I wonder, does instagram (or any social media network) became a motivation to those who wants to be fit and healthy? Honestly, I came into a point wherein I question those photos. Are they really real? Are those meals with recipes posted in the description safe to eat by everyone? Have these people consulted professionals like nutritionist or dietician? I mean I remember reading somewhere that “you should not believe in anything that is written in the Internet”.

So for those people like me who want to stay fit and healthy that seeks for free information online know that these are legitimate?

Let me know what you think 🙂


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