The pen is mightier than the sword

I have been reading online articles and tweets (on twitter) the whole day.

There’s one article that struck me most because it went viral and finally, the truth has finally revealed (so was said in the article). It was about an old man who seek help in searching for his children through social media. According to the article, the old man wants his children to support him financially as he is old and weak. It also mention that he works abroad in order to sent them to good school, and they didn’t repay him and left him all alone. There’s a lot of comments, bashing the old man’s children for things like: no respect and love, no conscience, and ungrateful. Fast forward: one of the children, a daughter, finally breaks their silence. The man claimed as their father has abandon them years ago, with countless mistresses and a blackmailer. The daughter also stated that she and her siblings are tired of helping their father, knowing that he will give it to his mistress. She pleaed that before anyone reacts or judge them, check the real story first. She said that do not just assumed that everything that is posted on any social media network are true.

After reading that article, it made me think of something. How will we know if this is a real deal or just a scam, that only wants attention and sympathy of bigger audience? I mean, everyone has the right to post and write anything that they want, on any social media network. How will we know if we (yes, YOU & ME) have already crossed the line?

The freedom to write hurts more than getting physical wounded. It might easy to block or delete these posts but, does it have a sociological effect too?


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