Reunited and it feels so good!

I haven’t seen my high school friends for the past 7 years (yeah, that long). Though I am very much active in the world of social media, I am not much of a Facebook user (reasons behind it and more on my next blog). I got a message from my old friend last week, inviting me to her son’s 7th birthday which will be held on Saturday (he’s birthday falls on a weekday so they want to celebrate it on a weekend so that his classmates can attend his party). The birthday celebrant also happened to be my first godson, so since the event was near my place, I said yes to her.

Fast forward to the Saturday event. I have never been so happy to see my old friends way back in high school and it was so good to talk to them, up close and personal. It was way different when chatting with them online. The noise level is still the same back when we were in high school (if you hear us talking, you might think that we are mad at each other because of the loud voices and yelling that’s going on… no worries! that’s our normal pitch) and the seems-to-be endless reminiscing. Right at that moment, we all felt that we are so old. Our memories in high school seems so fresh that it feels like it was yesterday, walking in the long corridors, invading the washroom, running away from flying insects to crawling earthworms (quick background: our school is located at the TOP of a mountain. No kidding! and yeah, you guess it right: all-girls’ school and had our own little haven, away from civilization — hahaha! Hey, that’s how we felt during those time! We got no neighboring schools. Our campus is surround by hundreds of trees and quite hidden from the main road. Just imagine Hogwarts — Well, that’s how my friend’s husband describe our old school).

All in all, I did miss my old friends so much. I miss the laughter, endless phone conversation with multiple line (it supposed to be a 3-way line — wherein you can call a third party, but in our case, we can call up to 7… yep! 7 people on the phone!), compare homeworks and lesson notes (back then I was super diligent in writing notes and my hands “automatically” writes without looking at my notebook and when our teacher will start the lecture without writing anything on the blackboard) and the noise level of our voice. Hopefully, we get to see each other before the Christmas holiday.


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