The city that puffs black smoke

Way back when I was a kid, I used to enjoy waking up every morning just to witness the sun rising and inhaling the cool, fresh morning air. Though I live a few minutes away from the city, I can still enjoy this simple blessing as the day begins.

Fast forward to today… What the hell happen??? Pin-pointing to everyone, of course. Lately, cars are starting to congest some main parts of the city that surprisingly, starting to affect the nearby towns/villages. Motorcycles are starting to invade the sidewalks, irritably drivers bickering in the middle of the busy street and of course, smoke-belching.


Let’s not blame one another and instead, help out to revive Mother Nature and teach our future generation to take care of our environment. Let them learn how to appreciate everything (even the smallest detail) that Mother Nature has given to us.

It is not yet too late. We can still save our world!


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