Reminiscing 2014

In a few hours, we will be welcoming 2015 with a BANG (bright and colorful fireworks display all over the world at the strike of 12 midnight on January 1)!

So before 2014 ends, let me just reminisce this year. 2014 has been the toughest year in my life, career-wise. It was this time that my faith and self-confidence was tested and got scattered. I finally learned and realized that I need to move on. It was really a difficult time for me and not to mention believing that I have a phobia when it comes to working in the corporate world. Then, I just took a deep breath, and with the help of my family and most-trusted friends, I got up and work my way to conquer my fears, anxiety and brace myself for the coming challenges. I completely surrender myself to God and knowing that He will be the one taking care and guiding me as I open another chapter of my career life. It was not easy, moving on and starting all over.  The betrayal and hurtfulness is still there, yet I made myself to move on and forget about what had happened to me. I told myself that I have learned my lesson and need to start to pick up where I left.

Then came this opportunity, my love of writing. Like I said, this is a whole new and a lot different from what I had been doing in the past. I am way out of my comfort zone and the nervousness and fear seeps in.

And now as the new year arrives, I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to my family, friends and to GOD (yes, I am a Catholic) for being forever by my side. You guys have been my shoulder when I cry and my ear when I need someone to listen to me. Thank you for being so patient to me.

My wish for this 2015, may I gain enlightenment and more knowledge in my new career. I know that I have always wanted this but I was so fearful, so I will have to change that. I need to be brave to try new things and never sees to ask for advise and guide. I may be more social (meaning, I need to meet my friends frequently and try to reconnect with them, too) and be more adventurous. I also pray that I get to meet that special guy for me. I pray that where ever he may be, someday, we may cross path and hopefully, we get to recognized each other (serendipity). Also, may I gain recognition *ahem* in blog posting here in WordPress *winks*.

So, 2015… I am now ready for you. *Closing eyes and taking a deep breath* Bring it on, 2015!!!


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