My 2015 to-do list

So today is the first day of 2015 and right now, it is raining outside (well, I try hard not to complain since it kind of cleared the air of smog due to the tons of fireworks display around here).What I am doing right now is to “somehow” organize my 2015 list. This year, I want something more to accomplished and be more adventurous, creative and brave.

Enough of that! So, let’s begin:

1. To have stronger faith in God — I think I have mentioned here that I am a Catholic. I guess during those troubled times, I tend to question Him. Like the rest of us, there are some questions that I cannot seem to understand. Those “trials” that I had faced yet somehow, I get to realized that God works in a very mysterious ways. He tends to reach out to me through my family and friends as His instrument. He wants me to know that He is always here beside me, I just need to have faith and believe in Him.

2. To lose about 10 pounds by the end of the year — No, no, no! I am not trying to be skeletal skinny here, people. What I mean by that is due to health reasons. I may not look obese but you see in medical terms (or is it medical study?!?), I am overweight! I am a 31-year-old with a height of 5’2 yet I weigh in 58 kilos. Yeah, basically I am heavy for my category. No, I wont’ do those fab diets that are shown in Instagram instead, I opt to exercise my way to healthy and fit me (and not to mention eat more healthy, too). That’s why I have a planner with me so that I know that I have set a “strict” goal for myself and that I need to stay focus!

3. More organized and focus — both for myself and for my career.

4. Save up! — This is the hard part of my “to-do list”. Let’s just say that my salary is not enough (the problem: HIGH PRICES OF ALMOST ALL COMMODITIES!), but this year, I really tend to save up and maybe try to invest.

5. Socialize more — Hahahaha! Honestly, I am a homebuddy and my dear friends knows that! But hey, everyone can “level up” right? Besides, I miss them so much (I better save up for our get together soon, too!)!

6. Read more books — Weird to say that since I am a self-confessed bookworm. Well lately, I am pre-occupied with my problems so that’s why I was way behind with my readings. So, I tend to save up to buy books (No, I am not into E-books. I prefer the real books, instead) and read during my free time. This is my quick escape to reality even for a few hours.

7. Travel & explore — I don’t know if I can achieve this in 2015 but my goal is to at least go to 2 different places (maybe at the popular beach destination and a 3-century old heritage village) and I need to drag my friends with me.

8. Blog more — To practice my writing skills even more (right?).

9. Let go of the past and be more optimistic — Of course, not to dwell on the past as well (what I mean about that is, forget what bad things had happened and instead learn from it and MOVE FORWARD).

10. Pray that I may meet Mr. Right — *Taking a deep breath* This is a challenge for me. For me, I want that special guy to look for me instead. My reason is that, my life is been so complicated that I have been wishing and praying that instead of me finding him, maybe this time HE will be the one to FIND ME.

Those are my to-do list for 2015. Personally, they are impossible but I know that I can do this if I am really determine to make all of these happen. Also, I will be blogging those achievements from time to time (as part of my determination to make it all POSSIBLE).

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!


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