Signs of aging (ahem!)

Well, we all can’t deny that we are getting older (another ahem! hahahaha) and the fact that instead of getting frustrated, why not make it somewhat a funny, light-hearted on the situation?

An example will be today, I had my 10 minute leg workout last night, thinking that I should start toning and shaping my lower body and slowly making my way to the my upper body. Of course, everyone knows what happened after that. Today, I am suffering from leg sore and yup, I survived going up and down the stairs in my office building. I am walking like an old lady who needed a walking stick! Hahahaha… Like some said, NO PAIN NO GAIN!

At least I am on the right track (I am referring to my 2015 “to-do list”). Day 6 of 365

Let’s do this, 2015!


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