Summer… Summer… SUMMER!!!

Who isn’t excited for the summer season?

Though I live in a very tropical country, I still look forward for the summer season. This is where I noticed that the sky is unusually bluer and the breeze that seems to gently tickle you especially in the afternoon, where you feel like you being lure to sleep. This is also the time when people get so giddy to go out of town, because they want to spend the entire summer in the beach or by the pool, relaxing and forgetting all the stress. This is also the season where people around are starting to wear bright, summer clothes (well, if your company’s have a strict dress code, I think there’s an alternative to those thick blazers). And of course, you can forget that thing called summer fling or summer romance where almost everyone is on summer high.

I am excited to see what will have this summer. What activities that awaits for me? Will the summer bug bite me? Let’s all find out!


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