Fate or Faith?

Disclaimer: this image is not mine. Just want to post & share it.

I’m always a beiever of fate when it comes to love life. I think I had mentioned in my previous post that I am a hopeless romantic. You may say that I am picky but the reason behind it is simple. I want to fall and stay in love until eternally. Admittedly, I’m now in my early 30s and I’m now at the point of my life that I think of my future. What I want in terms of my career? How can I secure my future? Will there be someone for me that I can spend the rest of my life with?

When it comes to career, I’m current searching for my passion (I recently quit my previous job because I felt that there’s no growth for me) wherein I want to discover and learn more. I have always fear the future because no one can predict what will happen, that’s why I keep reminding myself to prepare and secure my future (which until now hasn’t been doing it. I know that’s bad).

As for that special someone, I recently met him online. He is from UK and I think we have a connection. But there is this fear that we might culturely clash (although his ethnicity is Asian) and there might be even a cultural misunderstanding (I know constant communication is the key but what about a person’s open-mindness). Like everyone else, I enjoy chatting with him, hence that different timezone that we are in. Until lately, he wasn’t replying to any of my messages. I guess this kind of friendship that’s starting to bloom into something will never work. I don’t want to be persistent and demand why he hasn’t answered any of my messages. I’m not in a relationship with him, so I think I don’t have the right to demand like that. I try to be optimistic and pray that even if we haven’t meet face-to-face, if he is meant to be the right guy for me, fate will find a way to make things happen. All I have to do is pray, believe and have faith.


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