Self-diagnosis (when will it stop?)


Thanks to the power of internet, social media networking sites and YouTubers, some people are starting to doubt their insanity – me in particular!

Lot of doctors are saying, even in the point of scolding, that do not self-diagnose yourself. When in doubt, seek medical professional IN THE FLESH. Not via live chat. Not via video call. Not via email. And NOT via any social media platforms!

Because I cannot understand what’s going on inside me (MENTALLY), I did a “research” about the OCD. I must confessed that when I read to the part of symptoms, I immediately told myself that I have OCD which explains why am I doing through a lot of negative things lately. But funny thing though is that, I KNOW THAT IT IS WRONG THAT I BELIEVED IN WHATEVER I’VE READ OVER THE INTERNET!

Honestly, I just want an answer as to why? WHY is this happening to me? WHY is that no matter how much I tried my best, in the end, I had to suffer more? WHY am I like this?

There are so many WHYs and yet I cannot find a single answer to all of my WHYs?

Another sigh just came out of my mouth…

When will I get to see myself triumph over myself?

When will I get to see myself overcome all that obstacles that I’m dealing right now?


So many questions…

Still seeking answers…


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