Frustrated (again)

Not feeling well right now…

  • Woke up because my lower abdomen is painful, probably due to my constipation (my period was over, a week ago)
  • Frustrated over family & financial problems
  • Frustrated over my pending Wattpad story that’s currently hanging over the said site. I cannot seems to finish it no matter how many ideas that are popping in my brain.
  • Refusing to cry because I know I won’t feel better and it may make matters worst.
  • Questioning WHY I still exist.

It won’t stop! When will my problems end? We can only take enough without going insane. Again and again and again, everyone have different levels of problems BUT not all can deal it.

It is too much…

Please stop!

I don’t want to give up but I’m already on the edge of GIVING UP.

I’m feeling ANGRY right now.

God, is this your punishment for me?


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